Orange Micro Crush CR6 Stereo guitar amp

Well, Christmas is over, the recycling bins are full and my children have already broken some of their toys. One thing that certainly isn’t over yet is my love affair for this micro amp from UK company Orange. This was a gift from my parents and even though I’m on the wrong side of 30 I was truly excited when I opened the box and my excitement just grew as I started to play with it.

First things first, it looks great. It’s built from wood and uses the same authentic Orange grill that’s used on their larger cabs, it looks cute but serious. The wooden construction really adds to the tone and it doesn’t have that boxy sound you get from it’s plastic competitors. At 6 watts it’ll struggle to compete with other musicians but is more than loud enough to fill a room. It’s surprisingly versatile too, going from a nice clean acoustic tone to a muddy distortion with just a flick of the tone and gain controls. Plug in a pedal or effects unit and as you’d expect, the variety of tones is endless. I attached at Korg Pandora mini and was pleased to hear it didn’t generate any extra hum, hiss or background noise.

The inbuilt tuner is accurate and fast to respond making it a breeze to use and along with a headphone port you’ll also find a line out and aux in meaning you can connect an mp3 player to play along, or simply to use as a portable, battery powered stereo.

It’s such a small, well formed and attractive package it’s hard not to be charmed by it, when you plug in and hear just how good it sounds and how versatile it is the Orange CR6 micro crush should be at the top of any guitarists wish list.


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